Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Lion?
Lions are volunteers that want to help people in and around our community. We care and want to give of our time and money to help those that need our help. Children and adults receive our help in many ways through our support of a diverse range of community programs and charitable causes.

What do Lions do?
Historically, Lions are known for our campaigns to eradicate preventable blindness and to provide support and services to the visually impaired. Our commitment to this cause arose out of Helen Keller’s address to our International Convention in 1925, when she exhorted the Lions to “constitute yourselves Knights of the Blind in this crusade against darkness?”

Our commitment to our communities extends far beyond our commitment to the causes of blindness and vision. Local clubs operate autonomously and are charged with identifying needs in our local communities and devising the means to meet those needs. Lions Clubs support Little League teams and Boy Scout Troops; we sponsor drug awareness and youth leadership development programs; we feed the hungry and shelter the homeless; we are among the first responders to disasters of any kind, bringing cash and volunteers to do whatever is needed to help the victims; we build ramps to help the handicapped access their homes and workplaces. Whatever human need you can imagine, Lions somewhere are working to address it.

Our motto is “We Serve,” and that we do in countless ways. Visit the Lions Clubs International website and the LCI Blog for more information, or better yet, find a club near you and visit them to see what Lions are doing in your community.